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Our body/heart/mind is the healer.
When we are calm, we are healing.
Calming is a skill we can learn.
Consciously, purposely, extending our exhale
begins the process of calming.

Plan to pace yourself. Honor yourself by taking the time to drink water and eat nourishing food, including protein. If you are on medications or have a medical condition, please check in with our lodge as soon as you arrive.

We have a farm-a-seed of herbs and nutrients, that has been honed since 1995, for most any issue that may arise at the Dance. For instance, we have Cocamaya, a coconut-cacoa-maca-yacon-tonic formula, that is delicious, warm and energizing.

As a special service, several sisters are available inside the dome - the “Wellness Pavilion” - who are skilled with their hands for soothing and facilitating healing. Please limit your treatment time to 30 minutes or less, so you may rejoin the Dance.

If you need a listening heart, this is your place. Come by early for natural support to experience a powerful and healthy dance.

Cocamaya Hot Drink!

Now, for a tasty idea!

May we present Cocamaya, a warming herbal energy drink, that we provide in the Wellness Lodge Farm-a-seed:


Here are the ingredients:

cocamaya recipe_edited_edited.jpg
Cocomaya directions_edited.jpg

To Enjoy

Your Cocamaya,

Bring a Hot Cup!

Powders and liquid are prepared for you to enjoy at the Circles of Empowerment Long Dance.

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